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338 Online Deal Opportunities with 119 Cars Sold...

"VirtualDeal is an incredible value...when it comes to additional sales generation - perhaps the best bang for the buck we have seen. Since so much of today's traffic comes from our website, it's up to us to convert that traffic into sales, which is exactly what VirtualDeal allows us to do...just do yourself and your dealership a favor - sign up for VirtualDeal - you will not be sorry that you did!"


Brad Tonkin
Owner, Tonkin Auto Group - Top 100 Dealership Group

We make it so easy for customers to buy from you!

    • Up to 207% increase in total website inquiries - massively increasing desking opportunities
    • ​30% average closing ratio
    • ​96% of VirtualDeal customers that show up buy a car
    • Front end gross is almost identical to walk in customers while back ends are increased

Consumers can now create the perfect deal from home!

  • 3rd Party / OEM Leads
  • Walk-In Customers
  • Service Customers
  • Custom Branding
VirtualDeals have a WAY higher than average closing ratio.

Increase your closing ratio on 3rd Party and Manufacture leads by sending a Virtual Deal as a first response.

VirtualDeal empowers both your customers and
your dealership to reach the perfect deal!

Customers Love VirtualDeal

  • Easy to use - simply click on their vehicle of interest
  • Hassle and stress free
  • Fun and interactive
  • Saves time at the dealership
  • Transparent
  • Direct engagement with a personal Deal Manager

Dealers Love VirtualDeal

  • Massively increase desking opportunities
  • Perfect payment and lease proposals
  • Re-engage any and every lead
  • It's a deal only when you and the customer agree!
  • Increase CSI with reduced time at dealership
  • Optional DMS Integration

See how VirtualDeal would work at your dealership:

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