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360° View / Fully Interactive Hotspots


  • Super-interactive 360 displays with tagged, touchable hotspots
  • Panoramic interior views
  • Live video syndication
  • Capture far more leads from your vehicle inventory pages

Carvana like technology with
no photo booth needed - 
Performance Guarantee

Spincar is a state of the art merchandising solution that leverages proprietary technology to convey transparency to and build trust with consumers shopping on dealers’ sites.

This best-of-breed inventory display technique is proven to dramatically improve website engagement on your VDP pages, while elevating the user experience.

Every dealer today knows how much more profit was made when they started displaying more photos of inventory. Then came yet another increase in sales and profit when walk-around videos were introduced. 

Spincar is simply the natural evolution of the static presentation​ model into a full virtual immersion via 360° Video and interactive Hotspot technology.
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We are so confident that you will be blown away, we are offering a $50 Amazon Gift Card for qualified exec staff who are willing to demo it.

A randomized A/B test of 5 Million unique visitors found Spincar to drive:

How Well Does Spincar Work?

Advertising in the automotive market can be very complex. From attribution models to customer flow paths, attributing ROI is constantly evolving. However, Spincar helps us with the most basic and arguably most important indicator of ROI on our site – time spent on VDPs. Since implementing Spincar with one of my stores we have already seen time spent on VDPs and interactions with VDPs increase. Im proud to say I use Spincar across every store in my group and can proudly state that they will be one of my long-term partners.

Michael Lopez, Group Marketing Director, BARNETT Auto Group

​Here's a quick example of how Spincar looks:

Quick and Easy Implementation:
Easy to set up - Spincar takes no extra time or infrastructure compared to traditional photography. No fancy studio required and it’s 100% automated, including automated uploads of all the photos.

​The reason for it's extremely high VDP lift is the interaction - visitors are captured by the interactive aspect and spend up to 56% more time on your site!

100% Mobile Compatible​

360 Spin

Interior and exterior spins increase consumer engagement by providing an intuitive and engaging experience shoppers are familiar with from online retailers. 

Hotspot Tagging

Embed videos, calls-to-action, offers, OEM collateral, etc. Automated for standard and conditional. Easy to use interface for custom hotspots.

Lead Intelligence Reports

See what's important to each prospective buyer by tracking hotspot clicks on features - not just pages/VINs. Patented technique for tracking user behaviour.

vdp-intelligence-reports - Inventory Lead Lift - Dealer Success

VDP Intelligence Reports

Show how effective the software is. Increased turn rate, increased time on site, conversion rates, etc.

inventory-activity activity reports - Inventory Lead Lift - Dealer Success

Inventory Activity Reports

Leverage demand-side website activity metrics alongside your pricing tools to make more informed merchandising decisions.

aggregate OEM reporting - Inventory Lead Lift - Dealer Success

Aggregate OEM Reporting

See performance across dealer network. Highlight trends in models. Show effect on New vs. CPO vs. Used. Observe effect of marketing efforts on particular models.


See how Spincar would work at your dealership:

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