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Watch Video - How GEO-FENCING Can Help Your Dealership Capture 50-500+ More Leads A Month!

Dealership location no longer matters – your customer’s location does! Imagine if your existing website displayed targeted, specific offers and messaging based on your visitor’s location (neighborhood, ZIP, city, county, state) inside or outside of your DMA – offers so personalized customers are compelled to take action. 

with Website Geo-Fencing


Our dealers are winning by deploying deeply localized messages and wildly increasing website lead conversion from their sales and fixed op departments.

Geofencing Sells 48 Extra Cars In 3 Months!

Conversion Blaster is one of the most innovative companies we work with. They are always one-step ahead and it is fun to be able to be one of the first to utilize a tool like this. The low monthly expense for this kind of targeted solution is unheard of. In the past, we have paid thousands of dollars per month for geo-targeting and had zero results. This is the kind of marketing initiative businesses should be taking advantage of.  We not only get the benefit of speaking directly to our customer at a moments notice, with Dealer Success we have on-call creative production and customer service with a dedicated account representative. We are proud to tell people about Conversion Blaster."


Kelly Franz

  • Weekly / Monthly Specials
  • Your Dealership
  • Competing Dealerships
  • Independent Service & Tire Shops
  • Large Employers / Corporations
  • Canadian Forces Bases
  • Colleges / Universities
  • Weather Triggers
  • A Fully Geo-Fenced Market Area

A Fully Saturated Geo-Fenced Market


No matter what market segment you would like to reach, Conversion Blaster can get to them. Whether based on zip code, a neighborhood or even the entire state, we geo-fence to within 9 feet accuracy with highly personalized offers that convert!


See how Conversion Blaster would work at your dealership:

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