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WELCOME TO the DEALER SUCCESS/Wheels Auto Partnership

The perfect synergy has just been created for Canadian Auto Dealers - Wheel’s Auto Dealer Supplies has just joined forces with DealerSuccess, Inc., a U.S.-based automotive internet technology and marketing house hailing out of Vancouver, Washington, to bring you the very best of BOTH worlds, both for brick-and-mortar retail as well as online automotive deal creation.

Wheel’s ADS will now be representing the award-winning suite of dealer site software that DealerSuccess brings to the table. Every software package that DealerSuccess presents and sells to their dealer clients has been tried and tested over the years in the day to day working of a real dealership. Only after they have proven themselves to be able to contribute a meaningful increase of profit for the dealership are they considered worth offering.

Starting with award winning VirtualDeal, the world’s best and most complete Online Deal Creation Software for your dealership website, to ConversionBlaster, yet again a world leader and award winning Website Geofencing software that also integrates today’s advanced Dynamic Content change-out capabilities, to Spincar - a software that allows dealership website visitors to take a virtual walk around and interior view of every unit on a dealer’s inventory page, WITHOUT the need for extra VR (Virtual Reality) hardware.

We encourage Canadian dealers to engage with Wheel’s ADS as soon as possible to initiate a quick, live demo to see for yourself how they can improve converting more of the traffic they are already getting on their site - greatly enhancing the effectiveness of current marketing efforts while helping consumers to experience greatly improved transparency and engagement.Our industry is quickly evolving.

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