Amazon Auto – Real or Fiction?
May 31, 2016
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The Red or Blue Pill Is No Longer a Choice for Dealerships
August 8, 2016
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Google and other autonomous car manufacturers are moving forward – are you?

Joe Orr addresses dealerships regarding the big retailers who are working on manufacturing autonomous vehicles. Do we really believe they are going to approach local dealers to sell their vehicles through?

We don’t think so. But who knows? Either way, it is important to keep the eyes and ears open. But more important, embracing the new wave of online commerce models and tools for dealerships is extremely important. Becoming better online retailers is the call of the day. If you snooze, tragically not only you lose, but those working for you, the community you are currently servicing and many others, lose out to these large giants.

If you are interested in hearing or reading more about this fascinating and potentially devastating (for many dealers) scenario, take a jump over to a site dedicated to the Automotive Retailing Online trend and shift we are seeing in today’s automotive industry:

Joe Orr
Joe Orr
Joe Orr, is President of DealerSuccess. He is an automotive retail veteran of 35 years, an entrepreneur and visionary who is addicted to opportunity and is always on the forefront of new technology. You can find him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and

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