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of your daily website visitors, if given the option, would most likely prefer to work their entire car deal online?

Source: Accenture: Automobile Survey, April 2015


Most Innovative Dealership Solution

We are honored to have received the prestigious 2015 Innovation Cup Award, for Most Innovative Dealership Solution, at the seventh-annual DrivingSales Executive Summit.

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“I’ve never bought a car
in my pajamas before!”

Online Car Buyer

“I will never buy a car any other way!
VirtualDeal was easy, easy, easy…”

Online Car Buyer

Consumers Love It!

  • Hassle-free, stress-free
  • Fun & Interactive
  • Saves time at the dealership
  • Transparent
  • Direct engagement with their personal Deal Manager
  • Risk-free
  • Millennial magnet

Dealers Love It!

  • Massively increase desking opportunities
  • Re-engage any/every lead
  • Increase CSI with reduced time at dealership
  • VirtualDeal was created by dealers for dealers and you can tell
  • It’s a deal only when you both agree
  • Full dealership solution
  • Millennial magnet

“We did not expect this
explosive consumer response!

Mike P.
GM, Dick Hannah Honda


Engagement and Re-Engagement

DMS Integration

1 button deal push into DMS and Automated ROI accountability reporting. Every Virtual Deal lead is sent into your CRM.

Perfect Payment Retail
& Lease Proposals

With a little as 3 clicks (60 seconds) anyone can send a consumer a perfect 9-payment proposal. Buy/lease side by side, including incentives/rebates.

Send VDeals to Sales Calls

Engage Today’s Service Appointments

Re-Engage No Close Showroom Traffic

Immediately Engage Internet Leads

“VirtualDeal is an incredible value when it comes to additional sales generation – perhaps the best bang for the buck we have seen. Since so much of today’s traffic comes from our website, it’s up to us to convert that traffic into sales, which is exactly what VirtualDeal allows us to do.  We could share our numbers with you, but you wouldn’t believe ’em anyway…just do yourself and your dealership a favor – sign up for VirtualDeal – you will not be sorry that you did!”

Brad Tonkin

Owner, Tonkin Auto Group
Automotive News – Top 100 Dealership Group


Sean McKannay
CIO | Digital Marketing Director, Dick Hannah Dealerships

“My web team and I have been implementing web conversion tools for the better part of a decade. In that time, we have never seen a conversion tool dominate like VirtualDeal.  Since inception, 37% of ALL our web conversions are the result of VirtualDeal! As a result, our stores are rapidly switching over to this superior way of engaging and converting car shoppers. With VirtualDeal, we are truly one step closer to true automotive e-commerce.”


Brian Lollie
InternetDigital Communications Director, Savannah Toyota

“The partnership I’ve had with the team at DealerSuccess (Virtual Deal / CloudEngage) is – if not the best – one of the best I’ve ever had from top to bottom. They’ve followed through with everything they said they were going to do from the very beginning – and more – we’ve been On Fire ever since!”


Jennifer Pennington
Internet Director, Dick Hannah Honda

“As the Internet Director I love that my team is actually excited about using a product! They are seeing every benefit of using VirtualDeal as a first contact with every customer. Their engagement with their customers is increasing which is leading to more sales. They get to send their customers all the key information needed in a way that ignites the engagement they need with their customers, giving them options but still keeping us in control. We have tried tools similar to VirtualDeal and they don’t compare at all. The management is on board, the staff is thrilled, the customers appreciate the upfront information / transparency / respect and our closing ratios are only going up. VirtualDeal is finally a tool that our customers AND our dealership are benefiting from.”


Kent VanArnam
Director of Marketing, Dick Hannah Dealerships

“Today’s consumers want to shop for a car in much of the same ways they shop and purchase other products…mostly through online tools. Here at Dick Hannah Dealerships, we are constantly working on how we can provide a more customer-focused buying experience. VirtualDeal is an ideal solution for our customers by providing an easy and robust shopping experience and for our dealerships via the well-built integration of desking tools. We believe VirtualDeal provides a strong competitive advantage for our company.”


Mike Phillips
General Manager, Dick Hannah Honda

“With more than 20 years in the car business I have seen and tried multiple different programs and processes to connect and engage with our customers. Virtual Deal has allowed us a refreshing and user-friendly platform to fulfill the needs of our customers as well as the dealership. This tool allows us to be completely open and transparent – meeting the expectations of today’s buyers. Since using VirtualDeal, our engagement has significantly improved and it has helped us to even re-engage with customers who previously never responded to the typical dealer email communications. Transparency is key to consumers and by showing them enough information upfront, we earn their confidence and they can communicate back and forth to express their like and dislikes until we come to a proposal we all agree on. We eliminate the hassles for them and us when they arrive at the dealership. We have tried other tools and methods, but this works. My staff likes it, my customers like it and our conversions are only rising. I highly recommend VirtualDeal.”


Scott Wilkinson
VW Sales Manager, Tynan’s Volkswagen

“The program works as advertised. I am having a blast with it. It’s very simple and seamless. As a sales manager at the #1 VW store in our region, I can say I love when my email pops or I get a text message that has an alert. I respond myself to 100% of all leads. Each takes 15 seconds and then it is show time. If the customer wants to go further or has in depth questions, I spin it to my Internet manager and she handles it. It is nice to be able to be on the front line again. It keeps me fresh.”

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